review of C Liquid research chemicals

Like many other chemical substances, C-liquids are research chemicals on which many scientist and chemist carried out experiments to understand the way it works.

About the chemical in C-liquids:

After many researches it was known that the C-liquid chemically consists of cannabinoids. The one present in C liquid is named N-cumyl-1-(5-fluoropentyl) indazole-3-carboxamide. This chemical is usually found dissolved in a solution. When it is stocked as 3 ml liquid solution it is equivalent to 5 to 6g herb blend.

What makes it easy for the chemical to dissolve in the solution? The fact that it is liquid at room temperature helps it to mix with glycol solution easily.

Different flavors:

Even though it does not contain nicotine like many other liquids, it is still used as an e cigarette. It is available in different flavor in the market. The favorite three are blueberry, vanilla and bubblegum.

Is it in demand?

By the response of people on different forums it can be suggested that its demand in the local market is increasing day by day. Although the researchers haven’t, by now, declared many good results of this chemical on the human body; the users are still eager to have it in their stock.

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